Indoor Track

nrc trackJoin us for a stroll, jog, or run on our 1/5th of a mile indoor track. Five times around the track equals one mile. Three lanes designated for walking, jogging, and running encompass our entire upstairs facility that provide great views outside as you enjoy a climate controlled run or walk.

The Indoor Track has a floating hardwood maple floor that makes for a comfortable running surface. Running enthusiasts will enjoy the slightly banked corners during their workout.

Track Guidelines

  • Use Appropriate Run, Jog and Walk Lanes
  • Court or Running Shoes Only
  • No Strollers, Skateboards, or Skates
  • Please Do Not Loiter on the Track
  • Allow Joggers and Runners to Pass on the Outside

Track Safety

For the safety of others use the appropriate run, jog or walk lane.

Track Courtesy

Be courteous and use the correct lanes