Personal Training

Did you know Rec Center Members receive four personal training sessions a year for FREE!

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We want you to be successful regardless of whether you want to lose weight, increase stamina, build muscltrainer and training cliente, transition from physical therapy or determine your current fitness level. Learn about our certified training staff. Download the Health History Questionnaire (PDF) or the Virtual Fitness Consultation (PDF).

Individual Personal Training

Ongoing sessions (60 minutes) which build upon the foundations of the preceding sessions will provide the extra motivation, variety and accountability to help you reach your health, fitness or performance goals. Questions, pricing, or to schedule sessions, contact Sherri Moro at 208-468-5884.  

Program Design

Our trainers will review your health and exercise history, fitness goals, and exercise preferences to create your personalized workout. Workouts will focus on cardiovascular, strength, flexibility, sport and/or functional routines. 

  • Member: Free
  • Non-Member: $37

Program Update

Meet with our trainers to change up your current workout. This can help keep your body challenged to burn more calories and continue to make improvements, as well as helping to prevent boredom! In general, best results are achieved with changes every 4 to 8 weeks.

  • Member: Free
  • Non-Member: $37

Fitness Assessment

Get a baseline evaluation of your current fitness level to set goals or check your progress. Assessments measure:

  • Bicep Strength
  • Blood Pressure
  • Body Composition
  • Body Weight
  • Cardiovascular Endurance
  • Heart Rate
  • Lower Back/Hamstring Flexibility

For best results, do not use nicotine, drink caffeine or exercise 2 to 3 hours prior to the appointment. 

  • Member: Free
  • Non-Member: $37

Body Composition

Our trainers will determine the amount of fat and muscle that makes up your weight using a 3-site caliper test or bioelectrical impedance test.

  • Member: Free
  • Non-Member: $9

Nutrition Concepts

A key to achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle includes good nutrition. Meet with a trainer to help you learn more about fueling for exercise, the food groups, understanding labels, tips on filling a healthy plate and where to find additional reliable nutrition information. 

  • Member: Free
  • Non-Member: $37trainer and training client

Kettlebell Skills

Kettlebells provide an efficient, functional and dynamic whole body workout. Our trainers will teach you correct technique and alignment to maximize results and avoid injury. 

  • Member: Free
  • Non-Member: $37

Power Plate®

The Power Plate® oscillates in all three planes of motion creating instability and vibration in the body. This vibration activates muscle contractions between 25 to 50 times per second, involving 95% of the muscle fiber. Due to the increase of muscle contractions this type of training can generate more force with ease, enhancing overall performance, improving circulation, reducing soreness, and increasing muscle strength, flexibility and bone density. 

  • Member: Free
  • Non-Member: $37

TRX® Skills

This suspension training system uses your body weight to develop strength, cardio endurance, balance, core stability, and flexibility simultaneously!  Learn to train on your own or sign up for one of our classes.

  • Member:  Free
  • Non-Member:  $37

Metabolic Testing

Learn how many calories your body burns in a day to establish a calorie budget, decrease the frequencies of plateaus and improve your overall fitness with our highly accurate MedGem® (an indirect calorimeter that measures VO2 and determines Resting Metabolic Rate).  No exercise, food or drink (water ok) 8-12 hours and no nicotine 1 hour prior to assessment.  Questions or to schedule an appointment, contact a trainer at 208-468-5884.

  • Member:  $29
  • Non-Member:  $59