Girl Planting Tree

The Nampa Parks Department greatly appreciates the many groups and organizations who volunteer their time and energy. Hundreds of volunteer hours are given each year helping with projects in the parks.

Many of our projects would not be possible without the assistance and dedication of committed volunteers. Helping in the parks cultivates a sense of ownership in the community and volunteers can see the results of their efforts as their projects often leave a lasting impression.

Service Projects

Service Projects range from:

  • Cleaning up a park to planting trees, shrubs and flowers
  • Painting signs or repairing structures
  • Installing sprinklers
  • Painting picnic tables or park structures
  • Pulling weeds in a flower garden
  • Helping with a landscape project

If you and/or your group are interested in volunteering to do a service project in the parks, the Nampa Parks Department will help you choose a project that will suit your group’s time parameters and goals. Please keep in mind that when considering a project it may depend on the goals of the Parks Department and the funding available to purchase needed supplies.

Scout Projects

The Nampa Parks Department offers project opportunities for individuals involved in the Boy Scouts of America to complete Eagle Scout requirements. You can check with the Nampa Parks and Recreation Department for a list of identified projects. Please keep in mind that when considering a project it may depend on the goals of the Parks Department and the funding available to purchase necessary supplies. Please download an Eagle Scout Project Proposal Form (PDF) here.

Community Service

The Nampa Parks Department has opportunities for individuals to complete community service requirements. A multitude of maintenance, cleaning, and organization tasks can be undertaken. If you are interested in completing a community service project, or are in need of completing community service hours, please download a Volunteer Application (PDF) or call the Park Maintenance Office at 208-468-5890 for more information.

Who Can Volunteer

Anyone! Park volunteers come in all shapes and sizes, and are generally groups or organizations such as:

  • Business Groups
  • Church Groups
  • Civic Organizations
  • Scout Groups
  • Social Groups
  • Youth Groups

Young volunteers are welcome as their enthusiasm and hard work are appreciated. Volunteers under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult and all volunteers under the age of 18 must have a parent/ guardian sign a waiver form before volunteering.

Volunteer Procedures

Individuals interested in volunteering their services are required to fill out a Volunteer Application Form (PDF). Applicants may be subject to a background check and/or required to participate in training prior to volunteering in an activity or program. 

Park volunteers may also be required to fill out a Service Project Application or Scout Project Application. All projects must be coordinated through the Nampa Parks and Recreation Department and generally require a representative of the Parks Department present during the work. For more information regarding park volunteer opportunities, email the Park Maintenance Shop or call 208-468-5890.