Lakeview Water Park

Lakeview Water Park is located inside Lakeview Park on 7th Street North. Featuring a beach entry, water spray features, and a two-story slide. Lakeview Water Park is guaranteed to offer hours of fun for the whole family. Lakeview Water Park is definitely the place to enjoy the summer!

Operation & Hours
*** Lakeview Waterpark is closed for this season!  We look forward to seeing you Summer 2024! ***

Reserve open swim times here.

Monday through Thursday 

  • 12:30-2:30p.m
  • 2:45-4:45p.m.
  • 6:30-8:30p.m

Friday, Saturday and Sunday 

  • 12:30-2:30p.m
  • 2:45-4:45p.m.
  • 5:00-7:00p.m.

Entrance Fees

  • Up to 5 years of age - $2
  • 6 to 17 years of age - $3
  • 18 and up - $4.50

Entrance fees are charged for each of the swimming sessions.

Safety is always our #1 priority. 

Things to know before you come swimming: 

  1. Sign up online to reserve your open swim time. Capacity is reduced for each time block. Check in with the front within the first hour of your swim time. The front door will close after the first hour to accommodate cleaning the front half of the building before letting in the next block of swimmers. 
  2. Anyone wishing to come back on deck must pay as we will be running a much lower max capacity this summer. 
  3. Please come in your swimsuit and plan to leave in your swimsuit. Restrooms are available and showers are required before swimming.
  4. Please bring your own chair to sit on. You are welcome to bring in snacks and drinks. No glass containers or alcohol of any sort. Please pick up after yourself.
  5. Children under six must by directly supervised by an adult 18 or older – this means within an arm’s reach at all times in the water. 
  6. Toddlers and small children who are not 100% potty trained need to be in a swim diaper – you can purchase one for $1 at the pool.
  7. Only US Coast Guard approved life jackets – no other flotation devices are allowed.
    *Protocols and guidelines are subject to change

Slide Height & Rules

Anyone under 48" must have a supervising adult at the bottom of the slide.  Slide is a single-rider slide; one person at a time, no exceptions.

Learn-to-Swim Classes Lakeview

American Red Cross Learn-to-Swim Classes are available at Lakeview Water Park in the morning and in the afternoon. Sessions run Monday through Thursday for two weeks. Classes are 30 minutes in length. For more information regarding available classes contact the Program Desk inside the Harward Recreation Center at 208-468-5858 or register online here


Swimsuits are required for swimming at Lakeview Water Park. Street clothes, undergarments, sweats, etc. are not permitted in the pools.

Children wearing diapers are welcome in the pool as long as they are wearing swim diapers or snug fitting rubber pants over the diapers and underneath their bathing suits.

Flotation Devices

Lakeview Water Park only allows coast guard approved flotation, such as life jackets, to be worn in the pools. Coast guard approved flotation is designed to ensure that a child’s head will be maintained above the water. Examples of non-coast guard approved flotation are water wings, inflatable rings, and suits with built in flotation. Noodles are allowed in the pool as long as the child stays where they can touch and are using the equipment appropriately.

Pool Closures

Uncontrollable weather or other conditions may result in our outdoor pools opening late or closing early. The pool manager will make a decision on closing if the following occur. No refunds will be given for pool closure.

  • The number of swimmers in the water is less than 10 for at least an hour (low attendance is more likely on unseasonably cool days.)
  • There is mechanical failure or pool chemicals are unbalanced.
  • There is a strong steady rain for over 30 minutes.
  • There is a threat of violent weather or lightening (if lightening occurs for more than 30 minutes, pool will close for the session)

Contact Us

1304 7th St. N.
Nampa, ID 83651