Nampa Youth Basketball

 ***Winter NYB Registration is now open!***

This program will provide an opportunity for youth to learn basic skills and teamwork in a recreational atmosphere.  Children register on a team coached by a parent volunteer.  Each week, teams will have two 1-hour practices (kindergarten and first grade teams will have one 45-minute practice).  Games are played on Saturdays.  Practices and games are held at Nampa School District gyms.   

Winter Session

January 8, 2024-February 17, 2024
Kindergarten-First Grade (coed)
2nd/3rd Boys, 4th/5th Boys, 6th Girls, 7th/8th Girls
Registration opens November 1, 2023
Register by December 19 & receive a discounted rate of $40.

Register Here

Coaches are Volunteer Parents.  Consider Volunteering today! If you're interested in working with or coaching a team let us know on your child's registration form. Complete the Coach's Volunteer paperwork here
Complete the Coach's Volunteer background check here

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Winter 2024 Volunteer Coaches Meeting @ the Harward Recreation Center - Senior Center

K-1st League - CO-ED                                      Wednesday, January 3  6pm-6:45pm

6th League, 7th-8th League - GIRLS               Wednesday, January 3  7:15pm-8:15pm

Winter 2024 Volunteer Coaches Meeting @ the Harward Recreation Center - Upstairs Classroom

2nd-3rd League, 4th-5th League - BOYS        Thursday, January 4   7pm-8pm

2024 Winter Game Schedules       ***UPDATED 1-27-24***

K-1st - Centennial Elementary Aux Gym
K-1st - Centennial Elementary Main Gym

2nd-3rd League
4th-5th League

6th League
7th-8th League

Rules for NYB

K-1st League - Updated 12-1-2023
2nd-3rd League - Updated 12-1-2023
4th-5th League - Updated 12-1-2023
6th League
7th-8th League 


The format of this program will be 5 V 5, meaning, five players from each team will be on the court at one time.  Team sizes will be no larger than 10 players.


Uniform Distribution: Teams will receive their game shirts at their first game. Uniforms will have a label with team name, player name, and shirt size ordered by parent/guardian at the time of registration.

Uniform Colors

2024 Winter NYB - Uniform Colors

Picture Day 

Nampa Youth Basketball will host picture day at the Harward Recreation Center - Senior Center on Tuesday, January 23 and Wednesday, January 24.  Typically, teams that practice M/W will have pictures on Tuesday and T/Th teams will have pictures on Wednesday.   During NYB picture time window, parents can go to the TRadtions Photography  website click on parents and sports packages.  Any parent that orders online, their orders will be shipped directly to you. 

2024 Winter NYB Picture Day Schedule (updated 1-22-24)


See below for practice times and locations for each league.  

K-1 League - CO-ED

2024 Winter NYB - K1 Practice

2nd-3rd League - BOYS

2024 Winter NYB - 2nd-3rd Practice

4th-5th League - BOYS

2024 Winter NYB - 4th-5th Practice

6th League - GIRLS

2024 Winter NYB - 6th Practice

7th-8th League - GIRLS

2024 Winter NYB - 7th-8th Practice

NYB Basketball Sizes

Hoop Height

K-1st | 8'
2nd-3rd, 4th-5th | 9'
6th, 7th-8th | 10'

Referees and Sportsmanship

This section is super important to read. While it's great watching your player playing, and watching Referee’s ref, the last few years in youth sports have been troubling.  Particularly how Coaches and Parents respond to referees and the not-so-favorable calls.  There are a few things that I want all parents and coaches to understand.  You are a positive role model for youth. Sportsmanship goes a long way. The fact is that most of our refs are high school kids learning how to ref.  They will referee the K-1st league, 2nd-3rd league, and 4th-5th league. And they are great kids.  When they do a great job, let them know.  Give them positive feedback.  

The 6th-7th-8th grade league is officiated by refs wearing stripes.  This crew is the same crew of refs that officiates at the middle school and adult league levels.  The fact is we have a referee shortage in the Treasure Valley.  If you have feedback please have coaches reach out to me, and remember:

1. Understand That They’re Human. Referees aren’t perfect. Just like you and I aren’t either. They’re not going to make the correct call 100% of the time. Just like you and I aren’t going to make the correct coaching decision every single time. Just because they make an incorrect call doesn’t mean they need to ‘get their eyes checked’ or ‘learn the rule book’. Stop expecting perfection and start expecting consistency.

2. You Both Have Different Angles On The Play. While you are both watching the same game, you will always have a different angle on the play from the referee. Sometimes you’re going to see things that the referee misses, and sometimes they’re going to see things that you miss.

3. Set An Example. Your role as a basketball coach and parent extends much further than merely winning games. Whether you like it or not, as a basketball fan and coach you are a role model to your players. They look up to you. If they see you being overly angry at the referees, you can bet they won’t be far behind you. Don’t teach them bad habits. Teach them to stay under control and fight through it mentally when things aren’t going their way.

4. Players and Parents Never Argue. One of the most important rules on all of my teams is that players never argue with the referees. Not every call in basketball is going to go their way. Just like not everything in life is going to go their way either. Learning how to deal with this is an important skill for all players to learn. 

5. Remember Your Role. One of the biggest problems I notice in parents without much experience is that they often get caught up dealing with the referees and forget what their role is in the game. Your role is to cheer on your player and team. Remember that. Don’t let the referees affect your ability to support your player and team. 

6. Adjust to The Referees. As long as the referees are making calls consistently at both ends of the floor, it’s up to you to adjust your game plan to their style of refereeing. For example, some referees allow the players to play tougher in the paint than other referees do. Everyone’s heard the phrase ‘take what the defense gives you’, right? Well in some ways that rule also applies to referees, ‘take what the referees give you’. Please let me remind you, You are a positive role model for youth.

7. Never Blame Losses on the Referees. Never blame a loss on the referees. Especially to your players. By finding an external force to blame for the loss, the players dodge being held accountable for the loss. If they accept accountability, they accept that the other team was simply a better side which will motivate them to improve. However, if they blame the referees for the loss, they have no motivation to improve their game. Rather, let your players know that the game is not won and lost in the dying seconds of the game. If they had made one extra shot, or one extra hustle play during the first 32 minutes of play, the game would have been out of reach for the other team.