Horticulture Workshops

The City of Nampa offers horticulture workshops to help gardeners and homeowners develop a green thumb and keep their trees and plants healthy!  All classes are free, but registration is encouraged.  All classes are held in City Council Chambers at City Hall, 6-8pm.  

Fruit Tree Pruning

Pruning your fruit trees for production is done differently from pruning your ornamental or shade trees.  Learn how to properly prune your fruit trees for quality yields and to avoid broken branches.
February 23
Presenter: Dan Schults, CWI Horticulture Professor

Proper Tree Selection & Planting

Planting a tree properly doesn't take long, so learn how to do it the right way to give it a head-start for success.  This workshop will teach you how to pick the right species tree for your needs and planting site.  It will also teach you the proper way to plant a tree to ensure you will be enjoying it for years to come.  
March 2
Presenter: Gerry Bates, Idaho Department of Lands Community Forester

Feeding Your Family from the Backyard

This fun and informative hands-on class will get you planning your best-ever garden!  From calculating how much produce your family needs to learning tips and techniques borrowed from the pros, you'll be ready to grow more fresh, healthy food at home while saving money!  This is a class for the whole family.
March 9
Presenter: Ariel Agenbroad, MS, University of Idaho Extension

Rose Pruning and Care

Learn how to properly prune and care for your roses to promote beautiful blooms all season long.
March 16
Presenter: Rachel Armstrong, City of Nampa Horticulturist

Proper Tree Pruning

These tips and techniques will help you understand the importance of proper pruning cuts and teach you how to manage your trees for optimal health and beauty. 
March 23
Presenter: Jarom Taylor, City of Nampa Forestry Arborist

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