Why do I need a permit to plant or remove a tree in the public right of way?

A permit to plant or remove a tree in a Public Right of Way is required by City Ordinance. There is no fee for the permit. The forestry department regulates the planting and removal of ROW trees for several reasons, including location and tree species


The location for planting individual trees along the street right-of-way is selected by the forester to ensure that trees will not interfere with:

  • Other Trees
  • Site-Distance at Intersection
  • Traffic Signals
  • Utility Lines
  • Water Lines


Only species approved by the city forester may be planted along the street right-of-way. Keep in mind that only trees listed on an individual permit may be planted at a given site. The forester considers the space available along with other factors such as proximity to neighboring trees and overhead wires to recommend trees that are best suited for each site. This will avoid problems with a tree species being planted that is too large or unsuited for the available space.

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